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Unfortunately, I have no more news other than this at the moment, and I have no idea why Ms. Siebels resigned.  I am sure we will find out soon enough.  I read an article last night that is worth a look.  It is called Keeping Quiet About Wrongdoing and it is from The Chronicle of Philanthropy.  It is about what happens at 501c3 organizations when mismanagement and malfeasance is left unchecked.

My contributors and I are working on two substantive articles.  The first article is an analysis comparing the operation of the JCA with the operation of other JFEDS across the country.  This article should be a great gauge of our JCA’s effectiveness. As an aside, I highly recommend this article from ejewishphilanthropy.com, it is a must read if we want the JCA to be a paragon of good management.

The second article is an analysis of the operation of the VOSJCC, a history that will stretch back to 2007 and display an accurate financial picture of the VOSJCC and hopefully open a debate about whether continued support of an institution used by 4% of the Jewish population of Phoenix is warranted.  30% of the JCA’s annual support to the community benefits 4% of the Jewish population through the subsidy to this health club.  We should decide if this money can be put to better use.

Finally, I am going to travel to NY next week and I have appointments with several national leaders on the philanthropic front to learn more about how they can help our JCA be better at serving the needs of the community by being more open and transparent in their decision making.

Thats all for now.