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Update April 19, 2014

I have not posted to this blog for 26 months.  I have been hoping that the soul-sucking activity of the the leadership of the Jewish Community Association would somehow improve if I would just not think about this morass, which unfortunately shows no sign of abatement.  The devastation their leadership brings to the Jewish Community by propping up the Levine Health Club is a relentless perniciousness, a recurrent form of financial malaria that will eventually kill the Jewish Community they purport to serve.

I had also hoped that some of the newer members of the board of the JCA would be able to more effectively question the inclusion of board members on the newly constituted JCA who were responsible for driving the pre-existing Jewish Federation into insolvency while having some type of decades long tenure as board members.  This has not happened.  Apparently it is one of those Devil we know arguments …

Arizona has served as a petrie dish for the incubation of scum like Keating, Symington, Teets, and scores of other notorious individuals.  It would be surprising in a state which has the fifth highest rate per capita for fraud complaints to believe that our current leadership would somehow be immune from conflicts of interest involving self dealing, lax corporate oversight, and intertwined financial relationships that have produced the mess we are facing.  Even our current attorney general, Tom Horne (unfortunately, a Jew), admitted to lying about a past bankruptcy, and admitted that he and his firm “willfully aided and abetted” in the violations of securities laws. He ended up receiving a lifetime ban from the securities industry.  Yet somehow, he was elected as our top law enforcement officer.  I can only pray that he does not serve as an inspiration for our current “so called” leaders to seek elected office.

Unfortunately, there will be more articles coming.

Original “About this blog.”

I am a Phoenix resident and a Jew. I have been astounded, ever since I participated in leading Pardes’ JTO drive three years ago, at the negligent level of corporate governance that permeates Pardes, the JTO, and the Federation. The lack of debate, and the amount of decisions that are made in private by individuals who seem to think they know what is in the best interest of the community actually make me ill. Most of these people would prosper by reading a book like Fooled by Randomness or even Outliers.

People get the governance they deserve, and if we as Jews keep blindly following these Federation Health Club executives (who are our self-appointed leaders), there will be no Jewish community left here in a very brief period of time. It is axiomatic that when you realize you are in a hole, you quit digging. To do anything else is idiotic.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in offering alternatives to the stupidity that is engulfing us, or who would be interested in building an alternative to the Federation Fitness Company and doing things that are constructive for the community, to get in touch with me at robert_johnson1@icloud.com. This blog gets about 143 hits a day, so someone out there is reading, or maybe just bored.

2 thoughts on “About this blog.”

  1. Neil Hiller said:

    I’d suggest that you attend the Community Conversation sponsored by the Jewish Community Foundation on Sept 11. Hearing your opinions about what the community should be doing is the purpose.


  2. Hello, I adore your blog. Is there something I can do to receive updates like a subscription or some thing? I am sorry I’m not familiar with RSS? http://www.ctctradeshows.com


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