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It is with growing consternation that Emily Austin of the FB Page Save Scottsdale has embraced the racist and Antisemitic councilman Guy Phillips and escalated her attacks on Jewish politicians and political leaders. Her tactics involve her explanation that she is defending Guy Phillips’ right to free speech, while directing her messages to him with symbols of love. It is also the case that her most vituperative attacks on political candidates are reserved for Jewish politicians and elected officials (Caputi, JM Greenburg, Blattman, Kurland) while she makes frequent mention of their religion. And if that is not enough, she frequently uses a sexual slur to address a female Jewish candidate.

Ms. Austin also traffics in tropes that portray Jews as being unable to exercise their civil responsibilities, as a people who have dual loyalties, who will vote for Jewish candidates over better qualified candidates. She is a modern day Stella Kubler. She walks among us and she is a cancer in our community and on the political process.